Announcing: Smart Link

Last week we launched our brand new Smart Link tool, which represents a major step forward for the product. Those of you who are familiar with know that it starts with an easy to use sharing tool designed to capture “Dark Social” and conventional social media engagement.. Some of you may also know about our link shortening tool that you can white label and use with your own branding. It’s used on more than 7,000 sites around the world and sees 260 million users a day.

Smart Link expands the reach of significantly into the mobile app world by adding a highly sophisticated deep linking tool, as well as location and platform specific destination customization. In a nutshell, that means that you can create a single link with that will send users to multiple locations depending on their location and platform. Let’s look at a few possible use cases:

Use Cases one: International business

Problem: A company that has a presence in the US, Canada, and the UK wants to drive traffic off it’s english-language website. The catch is they need to drive users in the three countries to different pages from the same call-to-action button. They also need to show a cookie notice to UK users to comply with EU privacy rules but don’t want to show it to everyone. They do not have a mobile app and want to direct mobile users to a mobile website instead.

Solution: With a single Smart Link using the geo location option you can direct users in different countries to customized web experiences based on their local options. Desktop users and mobile web users can automatically be redirected to appropriate versions of that page. Your account manager can also enable an interstitial for EU customers to meet privacy complience requirements.

Use case two: A growing mCommerce / eCommerce brand

Problem: An online retailer has just launched a new app and they want to redirect mobile web traffic to that app while still sending desktop users to the familiar website. For mobile they need those links to take users directly to the product – even if the user has not previously installed the app.

Solution: Smart Link allows them to create a single url that sends desktop users to the content on the corporate website, takes mobile users who already have the app directly to the content in the app, and prompts mobile users who don’t have the app to install it. Once the app is installed and open, Connect (our mobile SDK) will redirect those users to the relevant in-app content from the link. This allows the brand to use a single call to action and a single url on their website, newsletters, social media, and other advertising – without giving up any functionality.

Use case three: An Airline

Pain point: This airline is trying to fill empty seats on major routes and wants to use cheap and effective programmatic media to find users who are likely to purchase those tickets and then direct those users to the best possible experience based on their current device.

Solution: Use Connect to identify users of the airline’s app who (a) have Frequent Flier accounts (b) have a history of buying tickets last minutes and (c) have taken the route you need to fill. Target those users with ads on mobile web and inside apps that feature your target routes. Ad clicks take users directly to the purchase page inside of the app if they are on mobile or to your website if they are on desktop. Coordinate this paid advertising effort with deep-linked push notifications for app users offering them discounted tickets based on their current location.

Use case four: Financial services

Problem: A bank is trying to sell refinances and needs to target the most relevant and interested users.

Solution: The RadiumOne DSP can use data to identify sets of users across desktop and mobile who spend time on home improvement sites (or other sites indicating home ownership) and also follow the stock market (indicating financial literacy and an interest in long term planning).  Target those users with ads for refinances, referencing low current interest rates. User clicks take desktop users to an application form on the website. On mobile, users who have the app installed are taken directly to the application which is pre-filled for them using stored information. Users who do not have the app are taken directly to the refi application after installing. They could also use Connect to generate a list of current app users to target directly with ads and send them directly to that pre-filled application on click.

All four use cases share a common flow:

  1. Show relevant and interesting content to end users by leveraging what you know about them, either based on internal tools or by leveraging RadiumOne’s proprietary data.
  2. On click, send the user to the most relevant experience based on platform and location.
    1. Stay fully in compliance with stricter EU privacy laws along the way by showing EU users the Cookie notification as an interstitial without adding an unnecessary interstitial for users in other parts of the world.
  3. Mobile app users who have the app are sent directly to the in-app content. Users who do not have the app are prompted to install it and then taken to the content.

Smart Link functionality is available now in your control panel and can be accessed by creating a new link or editing any existing link.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.34.06 AM

We’d love to hear your stories about how you’re currently using and how you’ll put the new functionality to work!