New Feature: WhatsApp Integration for the Sharing Tool

What’s App everyone! is excited to be the first sharing tool to announce WhatsApp sharing integration! You can now add a WhatsApp sharing button option for the mobile version of your site.

You may ask, why did we decide to provide this new sharing option? What is so special about WhatsApp?

Back in mid-March of this year, Facebook and WhatsApp announced their partnership and the tech industry took notice — as did we.  The rest of the world has already clearly adopted WhatsApp making it a top social messaging app on smartphones, reaching over half a billion active users that are sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos daily. Since is a global service, the worldwide popularity and use of WhatsApp aligns with our purpose to help users everywhere share content wherever they may be. We immediately realized the potential of how this partnership could change personal peer-to-peer and group sharing for WhatsApp users in the United States. WhatsApp represents a huge opportunity to allow your audience to share your content on one of the most popular communication services out there, capturing information about this audience and their private sharing activity. Publishers interested in tapping into larger, international markets and staying ahead of the competition need to be able to integrate WhatsApp sharing into their content now to take advantage of the opportunities provided as it continues to grow!

Below we have provided a step-by-step visual of how WhatsApp sharing through will look and function on your mobile iOS device. You can see it live and testing out the WhatsApp sharing yourself by going on any of our blog posts. Once implemented, you’ll see the WhatsApp button positioned within your current line-up of buttons wherever you have designated it to be. Below you can see a screenshot of how we’ve integrated the green WhatsApp sharing button on to one of our blog post webpages.

Whatsapp on page

Once a user clicks on the WhatsApp button  it will open your app asking you to choose a recipient:

Example user

Once you have chosen a recipient, will ask you to confirm this was the friend you intended to share with (we have all done the accidental share and there’s no coming back from that!):

Confirmation share

Here is what the message will look like in your text message field and in your shared chat stream once sent:

Message in draft box Message in stream

At we have a pulse on the publishing world alongside the social community to give publishers, brands and consumers what they want, need, and expect from a sharing platform. We like to spot the trends in order to offer opportunities and solutions you never thought you had. We have our ears to the ground and our eyes wide open and fully expect WhatsApp to take off in the United States very soon.  If you want to be a part of the sharing evolution, get started with!

To get the WhatsApp buttons for mobile visit our Support pages and follow the integration instructions. Questions? Send us a note at

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