Po.st – The Sharing tool That Gives Back to Publishers

Say hello to Po.st!

Po.st is a new social sharing platform that enables consumer to easily share things they like using the services they are accustomed to, such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and many others.

What’s the big difference?

Po.st is the only social sharing platform that provides publishers free comprehensive analytics tools designed to help publishers drive higher engagement with their audience – all while helping lower customer acquisition costs.
Our Po.st beta partners are already raving about Po.st and we’ve only just begun!  Over 1,000 sites are already using Po.st, reaching more than 250 million month users.  A few sites include Dictionary.comeBaumsWorldInfoBarrel and Weather Underground.

Like our partners, we’re really excited about what Po.st brings to the publisher community and how it creates great insights that enable publishers to better understand what and how their site visitors are sharing and how to turn that information into actionable data to drive increased ROI for publishers.

Check out this short overview video to learn more.

Ready to make the leap?  Get the Po.st code.

For more information, visit the the Po.st About Page or Press/News Page