Why Choose Po.st?

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a new shiny object around every corner! As Po.st goes into our third year, we reflect on how far we have come and our humble beginnings with the goal of being more than just another social sharing tool for our publishers.

We hit the ground running in 2011, with our publishers in mind, bringing you everything you could expect from a sharing tool and more. We kept up on latest social trends, developed many first-to-market exclusive product features, and have managed to keep this service completely free!

We are now the fastest growing, free social sharing platform with an indomitable goal to be everything you would need from a sharing product!

Today we’d like to highlight some unique product features available with Po.st:

After-The-Share (ATS) unit
Easily increase your sharing activity

Burt's Bees After someone shares from any of the Po.st buttons on your site, we display a 300×250 message of your choice and display your own personal house ad. Promote your newsletter, get more followers on Twitter, encourage them to Like you on Facebook. Whatever you’d like to promote, we can help you deliver, for free!


Mobile-Optimized Sharing Buttons 
A cleaner, seamless way to share on your mobile devices

Mobile General mobile usage continues to sky rocket and we’re seeing this transition into shares and social engagement. Therefore, we’ve optimized our sharing tool for your mobile device, including the after-the-share unit, to ensure that your users have a seamless experience when sharing on your site. This feature also automatically adjusts to the phone’s natural features and switches all icons to a high resolution version on Retina screens.


Exclusive Share Text Feature
Encourage users that copy text to share from your site

Share Text Did you know that 82% of sharing activity within the Po.st network is through copy and paste activity? To help capture this elusive audience, we developed a small widget that would appear near the highlighted +copied text, encouraging them to share specific text online to their social networks.


Customized Sharing Buttons
Design your own custom sharing buttons

Custom Buttons Po.st currently provides several styling options (including on WordPress) to match the look and feel of your site. You can customize everything from the arrangement, to the size of the buttons, to the share counters. But did you know you could also completely redesign your own set of sharing buttons? Yeah, it’s true! Take a look at some of the recent designs we have created for our publishers!


Linkback Inclusion
Link back to your site from a copy/paste action

Link Back As we just mentioned, 82% of all sharing activity comes from users copying text from your site and sharing it with friends either through email, IM, or social networks. The linkback feature provides users the opportunity to show a link from the sourced quote, leading them back to your site.

Keyword Analysis Reports 
See your top copied keywords and phrases

We provide Shared Keyword reports for publishers, which shows the top phrases and words that your users may have copied and pasted from your site at a particular time. This information is incredibly valuable and can be used to inform your content marketing, editorial, SEO and SEM efforts!

Keyword Analysis

Audience Insights Report
Discover deep insights to your audience

You already know that in your analytics dashboard, we provide the following: details of your sites shares, clickbacks, virality, where your users are sharing from, which sharing buttons they prefer, what days are best for posting, etc. However, with the launch of our automated Audience Insights report, we also provide a unique look at who your readers are, including education, demographics, hobbies, interests and activities!

Audience Insights Report

Unrivaled Customer Service
Personal account managers dedicated to you & your site

Last but certainly not least, all of us are deeply invested in your experience with Po.st. The minute you sign up, you will have a dedicated Account Manager to assist you with any technical or analytical issues so you never have to go at this alone!

Po.st Team

As always, in continuing to build on the success of these features and services, your comments and suggestions are very important to us! We’d love to hear what you like, dislike or want to see available within Po.st!

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